Daniel Michalik

Astronomer Computer Scientist Traveller

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Work Experience and Education

Postdoctoral researcher/staff astronomer


Winterover at the South Pole Telescope, Antarctica

Research focus: small-scale structures in CMB maps, detection of orphan gamma-ray bursts from their millimeter-wave afterglow, B-mode polarization studies, detection of galaxy clusters

Research assistant


Lund University, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Research focus: Gaia astrometric core processing, preparation and validation of Gaia data release 1

PhD studies

2011 - 2015

Lund University, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Research focus: Bayesian combination of astrometric observations, adaption of the Gaia's astrometric core solution algorithms for insufficiently observed objects
Ph.D. thesis: Tycho-Gaia and beyond: Combining data for precision astrometry (Download)

Young Graduate Trainee


European Space Agency

Science satellite data processing: astrometric data reduction algorithms for Gaia and Nano-JASMINE, development of mission planning software for LISA Pathfinder

Undergraduate studies

2003 - 2009

University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Diploma in Computer Science (equiv. MSc)
Focus: Networking and security, computer architecture, computer graphics, operating systems, physics
Diploma thesis: Image Reconstruction Software for Near-Field Coded Mask Instruments

Contact information

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(GnuPG-ID: 0x53BE81EC, fingerprint: A854 4C0A FF1A 09DF 5433 0EF8 1CF0 0213 53BE 81EC, Download Key)

Where to find me

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Postal address

Daniel Michalik A-379-S WINTEROVER
South Pole Station
PSC 768 Box 400
APO, AP 96598-0001
United States of America